Dave Hight and Bill McGuckin in the early days of McGuckin Hardware.

McGuckin Hardware’s first (and most beloved) “green vest”

Boulder shoppers know that if they need to buy something, there’s a good chance “McGuckin’s got it.” And whatever they’re searching for among the store’s whopping 200,000-item inventory, they simply need to “ask a green vest.”

The stellar reputation that McGuckin Hardware has built over the past six decades is due in large part to the longtime commitment and dedication of one of its co-founders, Dave Hight, who died Jan. 18 at the age of 91. Back in 1960, Dave partnered with his father-in-law, Bill McGuckin, to create a store offering an unrivaled selection of merchandise and unsurpassed customer service. It’s safe to say they met their goals and, in the process, won the hearts of locals with their dedication, helpfulness and warmth.

“Dave played an integral role in the Boulder community by serving thousands of customers—helping with remodels, small projects and hobbies, or just telling a quick joke to a shopper passing by,” his family wrote in a heartwarming tribute. “The spirit of Dave lives on through every interaction here at McGuckin Hardware.”


Dee and Dave Hight show off the new McGuckin Way street sign in 2016.

Our community shared so many heartfelt messages on social media paying respect to Hight. Here’s some of what they had to say:

“Dave never had a harsh word, always had a story, and always had a smile and a hug. I am a better person and a better businesswoman today because of him.” —S.A.

“Thank you for creating a business that is so wonderfully integrated into the Boulder community. It is my favorite store in the world!” —D.H.

“Dave always brightened my day when our paths crossed the past 40 years. There is a special aisle in heaven for him.” —C.M.

“There are endless times ahead when we will miss him—and his always approachable personality. It was a special gift for all of Boulder to have someone of Dave’s character and talent be such a wonderful contributor to our community.” — Tom Brock, publisher of Boulder Magazine

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