Tuesday Nerd Talks at Powder Keg Brewing in Niwot. (photo courtesy Powder Keg Brewing)

Feeding Niwot’s New Intelligentsia

By Haley Gray

On the first and third Tuesday of every month, self-identifying nerds gather at the Niwot watering hole Powder Keg Brewing to indulge in an evening of sharing and discussing new knowledge. Each semimonthly event—they’re called Tuesday Nerd Talks or TNT—features a different expert who offers a lecture and takes questions on a topic he or she is passionate about.

Since the series began in September 2014, subjects have ranged from relativity to the Human Genome Project to the politicization of public-school history curricula.

“We recognize that there are a lot of pretty smart people in this area, not just in the sciences but in all sorts of fields,” says Powder Keg investor and TNT coordinator Charlie Schira. Schira spearheaded the brewery’s TNT series to bring those people together and foster a sense of community.

The free Tuesday-night talks have garnered a devoted following, with the number of attendees fluctuating between 20 and 40.  Check www.powderkegbrewingcompany.com/events for a list of upcoming talks.

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