Winter Park powder morning. (photo courtesy Winter Park Resort)

Find out if you’re more of a snow bunny or a powder hound with our fun quiz.

Big vertical, big powder and even bigger personalities—that’s part of what makes ski season the best time of the year. There’s always something new to try during a day on the mountain, even if it’s just a different après drink. We’ve got tips for snow bunnies and powder hounds alike in our ski quiz.

By Eli Wallace

You’re headed up the mountain. What can you not ski without?

A. Outside? OK, right. Grab the handwarmers, bootwarmers and neckwarmers. Maybe an extra layer?

B. Brah, I just need to borrow some skis from my roomie and I’ll be there.

C. My phone’s ski-tracking app, my GoPro, a snack and a backpack.

D. GPS, check. Avalanche gear, check.

It’s 9 a.m. on a powder day. Where are you?

A. Still sleeping. This is supposed to be a vacation!

B. I’m heading up, man. Just let me down this hair of the dog first.

C. Clicked in and ready to grab the first chair up.

D. Just … a few more steps … to the top … of this couloir.

What’s your most expensive piece of gear?

A. My head-to-toe Bogner outfit, of course!

B. The ski pass!

C. My boots, bindings and skis all cost an arm and a leg.

D. My three pairs of skis—these super-fat ones are the 2016 model!

Which saying sounds the most like you? 

A. Life is short. Drink hot chocolate.

B. Collect experiences, not things.

C. Work hard. Play harder. Ski hardest.

D. There’s no bad weather, just bad gear.

The ski day’s done. It’s now time to:

A. Curl up by the fire with something delicious.

B. Head for a cheap drink or two. Or five.

C. Shower off and stretch, like I do after every workout.

D. Grab some food and drink to refuel, and then straight to bed.

How you score:

Mostly A’s – Cabin Cruiser:  Sliding down mountains on polished planks may not be your life’s true calling, but you sure look good walking to the lift line. For you it’s not so much about the sport itself as the accessories: the hats, the hot chocolate, the romantic fire-lit dinners, the glittering vistas. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the atmosphere, but maybe take a lesson in the warmer spring-skiing months to sharpen your skills. That way you have the chops to back up the looks.

Mostly B’s – Ski Bum: Dude, whoa. You scored a pair of 1987 rear-entry boots at a yard sale, and you’re currently living in a van by the river. You haven’t had a non-seasonal job in the last three years, but your days on the mountain last season neared triple digits. Living and breathing the hard-core ski lifestyle is one thing, and it’s another to devote the entirety of your being to a sport that will never truly love you back. Hey, whatever works, right? But maybe try out some parabolic skis this year—it’ll totally change your game.

Mostly C’s – Slope Shredder: Athletic and enthusiastic, you’re usually spotted speeding past gapers on some kind of gigantic, never-ending mogul field from hell, or pulling endless laps on a back bowl. Your friends and family know not to look for you while the lifts are still running, and you’ve snagged first tracks and last chair up in the same day, multiple days in a row. While you’re a true-blue snow-sports enthusiast, try taking a day to relax up on the mountain, and appreciate the mountain air and scenery around you—you don’t get to see it every day!

Mostly D’s – Backcountry Beast: Who says you need a pass to ski? You’re the kind of intense, multitalented mountaineer that doesn’t balk at the words “hike-to.” Powder days are an appropriate excuse to miss work in your book, and you’ll be shredding the gnar long before most of us are out of bed. You’ve probably had your fair share of hairy experiences … but nothing risked, nothing gained. Be sure to stay safe this winter by always bringing a buddy along for the ride.

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