Rebates! Rebates! Read all about ‘em! You may have wondered how you can gain an immediate payback from any variety of home improvement projects you would like to complete. As it turns out, one way you can find an immediate return on your investment is through applying for rebates. Now these rebates can be from the local, state or federal government, and they can be from any one of your energy utility providers. But there’s so many of them—how do you even get started? With the proper knowledge and resources, applying for and utilizing rebates to get your hard-earned dollar back can be quick and painless!

How are rebates beneficial for utilities and governments as well as the people they are serving? Utility companies have an infrastructure (supply) for energy consumption that can only cover so much usage. If consumer energy demand consistently exceeds the supply utility companies have to provide for their customers, then power shortages and dissatisfied customers become an emerging problem. In response to this increased demand, utility companies may need to invest exorbitant amounts of money into creating the infrastructure necessary (such as building more power plants and more power lines/transformers) to satisfy consumer demand.

However, if energy consumers are encouraged to reduce the amount of energy they demand, then utility companies may not need to make this hefty investment. That is why utility companies—such as Xcel—collaborate with government services in order to create a list of rebates that incentivize home improvement projects which increase the energy efficiency of your home. Furthermore, reduced energy demand means reduced fossil fuel use, which helps maintain the standard of living Boulder County can attribute to our open spaces and environment.

With autumn in the air and winter coming quickly around the corner, EnergySmart and Xcel have teamed up to provide Boulder County residents with a plethora of rebates for home heating and insulation projects. Through EnergySmart, you can get up to $300 (that’s 50% more than before!) back from projects including attic and wall insulation with air sealing, gas furnace and boiler replacement, and solar thermal space heating. When coupled with Xcel’s insulation rebates, you can save up to $800 on attic or wall insulation with air sealing. Residents of Lafayette—brace yourselves: when the above rebates are paired with a $100 bonus rebate, you can receive up to $900 back from an attic or wall insulation project and up to $1,200 for doing both. Sound like a lot of information? One of the best parts about enrolling in EnergySmart is your personal advisor will happily find you all applicable rebates, apply for them and take care of the paperwork for you. Ensure your home is nice and comfortable in the upcoming months and find the rebates that you deserve with EnergySmart today!

For all your rebate needs call EnergySmart today at 303-544-1000! Or learn more at

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